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Let Your Heart Grow A Few Sizes

By Paul Hall
Whoville loves Christmas! Family, presents, food, decorations and so many more things all come together in one glorious celebration for the residents of this little town. The Dr. Seuss tale returns to the big screen and is brought to life with a modern look and feel with the release of The Grinch.

Despite the celebratory atmosphere around Whoville, there is one resident living high above this small town who is less than enthused about the joy that exists. That resident, of course, is the Grinch (voice of Benedict Cumberbatch).

Something had an impact on the Grinch’s ability to enjoy Christmas and all that comes with it. In fact, the Grinch simply has a disdain for all the residents in the merry town he overlooks.

But he has a plan to mute the enjoyment of the citizens below. He will steal Christmas. Along with his trusty “reindeer”/dog Max, he sets off to silence the revelry by taking everything symbolizing Christmas that exists in Whoville. Will that dastardly act silence these Whos, or is there more to Christmas than things?

The Grinch is a tough story to crack. The 1966 version — narrated by Boris Karloff, who captured the mood so well — airs on television annually and has a permanent spot on Blu-ray in my household. Albeit only 26 minutes in length, it never felt too short to me. Then in 2000, Ron Howard brought the story to life with the chameleon Jim Carrey undertaking the role of the classic green guy. It was different but fun. Now crisply and flawlessly animated, can The Grinch circa 2018 uphold the tradition of its lead character?

Well, yes, kind of. Let me explain.

Where this version of the story goes right is with truly beautiful animation. The Illumination team never lets me down as they bring to life a truly magical holiday favorite. This is the type of animation that resonates with today’s youth. Musically, the new songs just feel like they are missing some of the special nature from the original effort. The songs are hip, fun and unique while dealing with the source material in an extremely respectful manner, but I wanted something else.

What is tough for me is the length. As with Howard’s 2000 film, this film struggles to extend the story to feature length. Our extra time spent with the Mean One is not entirely merited.

Although this iteration of Seuss’ tale doesn’t replace the spot in my heart for the original, I do have to admit this film does give me warm and fuzzy feelings about the impending holiday season. The characters bring enjoyment and love for our fellow creatures on the Earth. Its ultimate message of hope, acceptance and love is something we could all use a little bit more of in our life. The Grinch may be a mean one, but the movie is far from mean and welcomes people everywhere with a warm and inviting glow. Maybe others will have their hearts grow a few sizes after seeing this installment — one can only hope, right?
Paul’s Grade: B-
The Grinch
Rated PG
Voices of: Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones, Angela Lansbury
Directors: Yarrow Cheney, Scott Mosier
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Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
Rated PG-13
Stars: Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Johnny Depp
Director: David Yates
Peace in the wizarding and Muggle worlds is threatened by Grindelwald. Our hero Newt Scamander is needed to help keep us safe as Dumbledore cannot.
Green Book
Rated PG-13
Stars: Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini
Director: Peter Farrelly
A working-class Italian-American bouncer takes a job driving around an African-American classical pianist on his concert tour in the Deep South.
Instant Family
Rated PG-13
Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Octavia Spencer
Director: Sean Anders
When a couple decides to adopt a foster child, they are surprised to learn there are actually three children who come as a package. The result — an instant family.
Rated R
Stars: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki
Director: Steve McQueen
Four women are left with a mountain of debt incurred by their dead husbands’ criminal activity. These strong women decide to join together to take their future into their own hands on their own terms.

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Alexander Skarsgård Finds A Dream Role In AMC's "The Little Drummer Girl"

By Kellie Freeze

John le Carré’s 1983 spy novel The Little Drummer Girl comes to AMC beginning on Monday (Nov. 19) as a six-part miniseries event certain to satiate the action genre’s hungriest fans. The story unfolds over three consecutive nights and follows Charlie — a young British actress on vacation in Greece (played  by Florence Pugh) — as she meets and is wooed by Becker, a beguiling man who turns out to be a cunning Israeli spy (Alexander Skarsgård). Becker recruits the firebrand to act as bait in an international espionage plot to ensnare a foreign terrorist.

Simon Cornwell, one of le Carré’s sons and a producer of the project, explains that The Little Drummer Girl is far more than a period spy tale. “I think it’s a very powerful book, it’s a very layered piece of storytelling, and I’d like to think it does transcend its genre."

Skarsgård reveals that his education into the world of le Carré started young. His father Stellan read The Spy Who Came in From the Cold as a teen and has been a lifelong fan of the writer. “Even to this day, when Dad talks about le Carré, his face lights up, and he gets super excited,” the younger Skarsgård shares. He also says that when Stellan starred in the 2016 adaptation of le Carré’s Our Kind of Traitor, he got to meet the legendary author. “It’s very sweet to see Dad talk about that experience. He’s like, ‘It was SO incredible!’”

When Skarsgård read the scripts for The Little Drummer Girl, he found them utterly irresistible. “Suddenly it was 3 in the morning!” he laughs. “So, I was very tired that day, but I just found it was such an incredible script and a very interesting story. I was fascinated by the characters, so I couldn’t put it down.”

The actor loves the delicious complexity of the story and says “there are definitely some action sequences, big set pieces, but a lot of it — like most of John Le Carre’s novels — is on a more cerebral level.” And the lure of playing a role within a role within a role — a Mossad agent who transforms himself into a suave playboy to ensnare Charlie, and then who morphs himself again into the role of the bother of a terrorist — was a fantastic challenge. “It was such a dream,” he says. “There are moments where you can see these cracks in his veneer, where he’s opening up and he’s emotionally vulnerable. But it was also quite interesting to play on where these moments are genuine or not, because Becker’s manipulative. So there could potentially be moments where he pretends to open up to lose control to get her even closer and get her deeper in, but he’s actually faking it within the fiction. So it gets very layered, and very meta.”

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Meet Jennie Marie,
TLC's "Mama Medium"

By Taylor Neumann
TLC’s new series Mama Medium (Mondays beginning Nov. 5) might seem like familiar ground for the network — but wait until you meet her! Jennie Marie calls herself a “Comedium,” delivering a large dose of humor along with her astounding abilities. Not only is she a medium, but she’s also a psychic, an empath and a fourth-generation clairvoyant.

“Being psychic means that I can see the future,” Jennie Marie explains. “Being a medium means that I talk to passed loved ones. Being clairvoyant is how I receive my messages. So when I’m speaking to someone that’s passed, I see images. I tell people I play charades with dead people! … My third gift is I’m empathic, and that means I can literally feel energy. So if people are in a room with me, I can feel how they feel.”

Based out of Rochester, N.Y., Jennie Marie is a wife and mother of four sons, three of whom have inherited some of her abilities. She was only 7 years old when she started speaking with her great-grandmother who had passed, a woman she had never met before. At 12, the things she saw started coming true. But it wasn’t until her late 20s that her gift grew strong enough to conduct readings on herself and eventually individuals and groups.

Sometimes her messages arrive in unexpected ways. “I’ve had my phone go off in the middle of the night, but I had the ringer off. I look up, and it’s because a spirit’s trying to get my attention.”
Of course, there are always those who refuse to believe. “I tell skeptics, ‘Meet me at my event, come to a group, talk to me afterwards. Because guess what? I’m gonna change your mind.’ It’s a challenge, I love it.”

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Candace Cameron Bure

By Rick Gables

Hallmark Channel
will world premiere its original movie A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, starring Candace Cameron Bure and Luke Macfarlane, on Sunday, November 25 at 8 PM ET/PT.
As Christmas approaches, Noelle (Bure) is at a crossroads in her life when it seems that love, a connection with her father, and her dream career are out of reach. When she stays late at her job in a department store on a snowy Christmas Eve she accidentally gets locked in after closing. She isn’t too concerned about the prospect of spending the night in the store…until a woman appears out of nowhere and tells Noelle that she’s her guardian angel. Soon Noelle finds herself camped out in the shoe department facing several “ghosts” of Christmases past, present, and future...Will visiting the holidays of yesterday and tomorrow help Noelle see the true spirit of Christmas? And will the love she has longed for all her life be the best surprise gift of all?

EPIX will premiere its new documentary The Panama Papers on Monday, November 26 at 9 PM ET/PT. 376 journalists working in 76 countries helped this documentary detail the unprecedented coordination from around the world working in secret, at great personal risk, to expose the largest data leak in history: a global corruption scandal involving corrupt power brokers, the uber rich, elected officials, dictators, cartel bosses, athletes and celebrities who had used the Panamanian law firm of Mossack Fonseca to hide their money. The story cracked open a hidden network of tax evasion, fraud, cronyism, bribing government officials, rigging elections, and murder.

This holiday season, HGTV will offer fun seasonal programming including House Hunters: Home for the Holidays premiering Tuesday, November 27, at 9 and 9:30 PM ET/PT. In a unique twist on HGTV’s series House Hunters, the new spinoff features heartwarming stories of families searching for a new place to celebrate a most wonderful time of the year. The eight-episode series follows buyers as they rush to find the perfect house just in time to deck the halls and celebrate with loved ones.

Tyra Banks reprises her role of Eve in the sequel Life-Size 2, premiering Sunday, December 2 at 9 PM ET/PT on Freeform. Grace Manning (Francia Raisa) is the 20-something CEO of Marathon Toys, that is most famous for manufacturing the iconic Eve doll. Realizing she is in over her head, Grace’s old Eve doll (Banks) magically awakens to help get Grace back on track.

Photo credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC
Photo Caption: Candace Cameron Bure in A Shoe Addict’s Christmas

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Christmas Everlasting

By Rick Gables

Hallmark Channel will air the 262nd Hallmark Hall of Fame world premiere on Saturday, November 24 at 8 PM ET/PT with Christmas Everlasting. The veteran, all-star cast includes Tatyana Ali (Fly, The Young & The Restless), Daytime Emmy® nominee Dondre T. Whitfield (Queen Sugar), Golden Globe Awards® nominee Dennis Haysbert (Reverie, Far From Heaven), and Emmy® Award nominee and recording legend Patti LaBelle (Patti LaBelle’s Place, soundtrack License to Kill). In Christmas Everlasting, Christmas is fast approaching and years of long workdays employed at New York’s top corporate law firm are about to pay off now that Lucy Toomey (Ali) will be made partner after the New Year. However, when her older sister with special needs, Alice, passes away unexpectedly, Lucy returns to Nilson’s Bay, WI, to attend her sister’s funeral and settle her estate. While there, Lucy meets Peter (Whitfield), her old high school sweetheart and Alice’s former attorney, who informs her of the terms of Alice’s eccentric will which states that for Lucy to inherit the family home, she must live there for 30 days, which means being home for Christmas for the first time in a decade.

The eight-episode drama series My Brilliant Friend will debut on HBO Sunday, November 18 at 9 PM ET/PT. When the most important friend in her life seems to disappear without a trace, Elena Greco, an elderly woman living in a house crammed with books, switches on her PC and starts writing her own story and that of Lila. She tells the tale of their friendship, which started at school in the 1950s. Set in a dangerous but fascinating Naples, it is just the start of a story spanning 60 years of life. A tale that attempts to unveil the mystery of Lila, Elena’s brilliant friend - her best friend, and her worst enemy. Elisa Del Genio and Ludovica Nasti star.

The holidays are about to get a whole lot brighter with ABC’s popular decorating competition series, The Great Christmas Light Fight, premiering Monday, November 26 from 8 to 10 PM ET/PT. The series showcases the wildest and most spectacular Christmas displays in America. In each episode, four families from all around the country decorate their homes to the extreme in the hopes of winning the coveted Light Fight trophy and a $50,000 prize. In addition to the stunning inside/outside displays, the first ever “Heavyweights” episode will showcase light shows that have grown too large for any home.

Photo credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC
Photo caption: Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Christmas Everlasting

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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

On Thursday, November 22 from 9 AM to 12 PM ET/PT, NBC will air the nation’s favorite holiday event as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® takes to the streets of New York City for the 92nd year of unparalleled spectacle. Set to enthrall more than 3.5 million spectators lining the streets of Manhattan and more than 50 million viewers on television, the world-famous parade is ready to bring families together in celebration of the start of the holiday season. Then, from 12 to 2 PM ET/PT, NBC will air The National Dog Show Presented by Purina, hosted by award-winning actor, author and Broadway star John O’Hurley (Seinfeld, Dancing with the Stars.) The 17th edition of the annual telecast will showcase over 2,000 purebred canines competing for the title of “First in Group” and the ultimate title of “Best in Show,” with enormous prestige at stake. 

Three-night television event, The Little Drummer Girl, will debut in the U.S. on AMC with a two-hour episode on Monday, November 19 at 9 PM ET/PT. Additional two-hour episodes will air on consecutive nights at 9 PM November 20 on and 21. The series stars Screen Actors Guild, Emmy® and Golden Globe Award-Winner Alexander Skarsgård as Becker, twice Academy Award nominated Michael Shannon as Kurtz and BAFTA nominated Florence Pugh as Charlie. Based on John le Carré’s best-selling literary masterpiece of the same name, The Little Drummer Girl weaves a suspenseful and explosive story of espionage and high-stakes international intrigue. Set in the late 1970s, the pulsating thriller follows Charlie, a fiery actress and idealist whose resolve is tested after she meets the mysterious Becker while on holiday in Greece. It quickly becomes apparent that his intentions are not what they seem, and her encounter with him entangles her in a complex plot devised by the spy mastermind Kurtz. Charlie takes on the role of a lifetime as a double agent while remaining uncertain of her own loyalties.

The comedy series Sally4Ever will debut on HBO with a seven-episode season on Sunday, November 11 at 10:30 PM ET/PT. Sally (Catherine Shepherd) is about to marry David (Alex Macqueen), her nebbish boyfriend of ten years, when she encounters the charismatic Emma (Julia Davis). The two fall into a romantic relationship, but what starts out as an exciting and sexy fling takes an unexpected turn when Emma reveals herself to be a nightmare. This is the story of a love affair that quickly spirals out of control.

Photo credit: Courtesy of NBCUniversal

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Wes Brown and Kellie Pickler in Christmas at Graceland

By Rick Gables

Country music sensation Kellie Pickler stars in Hallmark Channel’s original holiday film, Christmas At Graceland, premiering Saturday, November 17 at 8 PM ET/PT. The film was shot on location at the historic home of the late legend, Elvis Presley. The film is filled with music made famous by Elvis. Christmas At Graceland is part of the network’s #1-rated program event, Countdown to Christmas. In Christmas At Graceland, Laurel (Pickler), a Chicago-based business executive, travels to Memphis to secure one of the city’s oldest family-owned banks. While in Memphis, Laurel reunites with an old flame Clay (Wes Brown), a local music promoter with loftier aspirations. Though Laurel tries to keep her eye on the prize of the business acquisition, Clay is very persuasive reminding her of the days when they were a performing duo on the brink of stardom. Now Laurel’s focus turns to the home of the Blues and dreams of making music again. The film also stars Claire Elizabeth Green, Tamara Austin, Madison Alsobrook, Ned Vaughn and Tommy Cresswell.

National Geographic Channel premieres season 2 of Mars on Monday, November 12 at 9 PM ET/PT. Partnering with Brian Glazer, Ron Howard and their team, National Geographic helps us envision what might happen when Earthlings become the red planet’s first Martians. This season on Mars, the story delves into the boundaries between science and industry on an isolated, unforgiving frontier. Throughout history, there’s been a constant tug of war between human motivations and interests with profitability on one end of the spectrum and exploration on the other. When becoming interplanetary, can humans break the chain, or are they doomed to repeat the same mistakes in this new world? This six-episode season picks up five years after the conclusion of Season 1.

A star-studded lineup of music, film and television stars will join in a celebration of Mickey Mouse on Mickey’s 90th Spectacular, airing Sunday, November 4 from 8 to 10 PM ET/PT on ABC. Participating stars include Josh Groban, Kristen Bell, Meghan Trainor, Sofia Carson, Tony Hale and the Zac Brown Band, among others. Since his big-screen debut in Steamboat Willie on Nov. 18, 1928, Mickey has been the global ambassador for The Walt Disney Company. 

 Photo credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Katherine Bomboy

Photo caption: Wes Brown and Kellie Pickler in Christmas at Graceland

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by Damian Holbrook

Jeers to Any Americans Who Aren’t Watching All American.
The CW’s underrated tale of a high school football star who’s moved from the hood to the Hills of Beverly deserves to be a hit for ignoring
the “teen drama” playbook and tackling universal stories of race, class and self- acceptance without ever being preachy.

Jeers to Modern Family
for being dead wrong about what significant means. Before Season 10 began, producers teased that a “significant character” would meet his or her maker this year. So if Shelley Long’s DeDe (pictured) was so important, why did Jay’s ex—who hasn’t even been seen this season!—die offscreen? They’re just lucky it wasn’t pup Stella.

Cheers to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
for making the macabre cool. Dark, demented and definitely not afraid to offend, Netflix’s giddily ghoulish take on Archie Comics’ teenage witch quickly cast its spell over us with its bold embrace of the occult, plus star Kiernan Shipka’s (pictured) wickedly winning performance.

Cheers to Grey’s Anatomy
for using Meredith’s past to improve Teddy’s future. When Owen’s ex (Kim Raver) balked at telling him she was carrying his baby, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo, pictured right, with Raver) shared the pain of growing up without a dad because of her own mother’s lies. It was a nice nod to the character’s history and acknowledgment of how far she has come from that dysfunction.

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Question: I really enjoyed CBS’s Instinct and am hoping it will get renewed. Any idea whether it will? —Dorothy

Matt Roush: I’ve been getting enough questions about this, I figured I should address it. CBS renewed Instinct, but as in its first season, the show will return as a midseason series (no air date yet). I’m a big fan of Alan Cumming and appreciate the groundbreaking nature of the character he plays as a married and openly gay crime- solver, though I often wished the cases and the writing would rise to his level.

Question: Do you remember a show called Early Edition in the 1990s? God Friended Me reminds me a lot of it. —Jamie

Matt Roush: There are echoes of quite a few shows in the high concept of God Friended Me—which I’ve also heard described as “Texted By an Angel”—but the DNA of Early Edition is also apparent in the story of a person getting predictive messages to do good for unknown reasons. Friended has the added spiritual/ religious/atheist angle, which I find especially intriguing. But I’ll admit as someone who got my start in newspapers, I find myself nostalgic for any show that depicts someone getting an actual newspaper dropped at their doorstep—as opposed to getting all of their information and behavioral cues on social media.

To submit questions to TV Critic Matt Roush, go to:

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Class Is In Session
Today’s Lesson Plan Covers TV’s Most Memorable High School Days.

By Matt Roush, ReMIND Magazine
Whether you look back on your own high school experience as the best or worst of times, our TV scrapbook is full of indelible high school memories. Happy days? Mostly yes, with our living rooms serving as a national homeroom as we put off homework — or, possibly, housework — to get absorbed in the lives of teachers and students alike.

The first big high school hit predated TV: Our Miss Brooks, which started on radio and moved to TV in 1952, turning movie star Eve Arden into a TV sitcom icon as the sardonic English teacher who brightened many a pupil’s life. (Decades later, the beloved Arden would return to academia as Rydell High’s principal in the Grease movies.)

Among other early TV authority figures, Wally Cox was a lovably bumbling science teacher in the 1950s’ Mister Peepers, and, more dramatically, handsome James Franciscus won hearts as an idealistic English teacher in Mr. Novak. Modeled as a Dr. Kildare of the classroom for the early 1960s, the show won a Peabody for its social conscience.

As TV began to reflect America’s youth culture, the kids behind the desks started taking center stage. Bridging the 1950s and ’60s, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis starred Dwayne Hickman as dreamy dreamer Dobie, but stealing his comic spotlight was a pre-Gilligan Bob Denver as beatnik slacker Maynard G. Krebs (“You rang?”). A few years later, Patty Duke would follow up her Oscar for The Miracle Worker by playing those adorkable identical cousins Patty and Cathy on The Patty Duke Show. Patty was the typical carefree American teen, meaning the bookish and reserved Cathy from Scotland was the much better student.

The 1970s were a great time to go to school — on TV. Bringing much-needed diversity to primetime was Room 222, a warm and wise dramedy featuring African-American history teacher Pete Dixon (Lloyd Haynes), who delivered life lessons at integrated Walt Whitman High School. A generation weaned on ABC’s legendary Friday lineup, including The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family, stayed put for Room 222 and were much the better for it.

Sometimes the setting was urban and topical — What’s Happening!! followed an endearing group of friends looking to the future in Watts. Things got rowdy in the classroom of Welcome Back, Kotter’s scene-stealing Sweathogs. Gabe Kaplan played the hip teacher of a remedial class of cut-ups we couldn’t get enough of. The entertainingly diverse crew included Epstein (Robert Hegyes), a Puerto Rican Jew; African-American Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington (Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs); the goofy Horshack (Ron Palillo); and, most famously, John Travolta as Vinnie Barbarino, who was too cool for school. (Once the teen idol’s movie career took off, he tended to play hooky a lot.)

And who didn’t want to hang with Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) and his pals on Happy Days, a ’70s smash hit that told its coming-of-age stories through a prism of rose-colored 1950s nostalgia? Fonzie, the breakout star (Henry Winkler in Brando-lite mode), may have been a high school dropout — he’d later get his diploma in night school — but he somehow kept those kids in line.

By the 1980s and ’90s, it seemed school was never out of session. Saved by the Bell made telegenic stars of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Dustin Diamond as the well-named Screech. The Facts of Life, set at a girls boarding school, was an unexpected long-running hit for NBC and gave George Clooney one of his first significant TV roles (as a swoon-worthy handyman). Johnny Depp found stardom as an undercover cop infiltrating high schools as part of the gritty 21 Jump Street squad.

The curriculum varied from show to show. There were series that focused on the jocks: The acclaimed The White Shadow, starring Ken Howard as an inner-city basketball coach, was a heartfelt precursor to Friday Night Lights. Others favored the arts: Fame euphorically adapted the hit movie with aspirational stories from New York’s High School for the Performing Arts. (Glee would take this sort of cutting-edge musical TV to the next level.)

Head of the Class was a rarity, introducing a room of gifted honors students, overseen by WKRP in Cincinnati’s Howard Hesseman. Smart-mouthed comedians made teaching fun in Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper, starring Mark Curry, and The Steve Harvey Show, an early hit for the now-ubiquitous entertainer.

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch featured a young witch (Melissa Joan Hart) studying magic and earning her witch’s license while trying to keep her gifts a secret from mere mortals. The stakes were even higher on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) fought demons who often reflected the psychological struggles of young adults.

The pain and emotional confusion of adolescence distinguished the teen drama My So-Called Life, while the equally short-lived and critically worshiped Freaks and Geeks depicted outcasts from both extremes of the high school social spectrum: nerds and stoners. Filmed in 1999 but set in 1980, Freaks used the device of cultural nostalgia to cushion its stories, even though these were hardly happy days.

If we earned extra credit for all the high school shows we’ve devoured over the years, we’d all be scholars.
Photo Credit: Welcome Back, Kotter: Credit: ABC
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TV Best Bets
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All Times Eastern (may be an hour or two earlier in Mountain time zone, depending upon satellite feed
Saturday, Nov. 17
Sesame Street
HBO, 9am
Season Premiere!
Season 49 of the landmark preschool series begins today.
Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
TBS, 7pm
It’s early for this 1966 holiday classic to already show up on the lineup, but we’re excited to welcome back the fabulous Grinch, his dog Max and all the darlings of Whoville.
Christmas at Graceland
Hallmark Channel, 8pm
Original Film!
The music of Elvis Presley forms the soundtrack and Graceland serves as the backdrop of this holiday story. Kellie Pickler stars as a Chicago-based executive who travels to Memphis for work but rediscovers her love of the blues.
A Murder in Mansfield
Investigation Discovery, 9pm
Oscar-winning director Barbara Kopple’s (Harlan County U.S.A.) new documentary explores the legacy of the notorious 1989 murder of Noreen Boyle in Mansfield, Ohio. The film chronicles Noreen’s son, Collier, on his journey for answers and peace in the aftermath of his mother’s death at the hands of his father nearly three decades ago.
Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle
SundanceTV, 9pm
This two-night documentary, which airs tonight and tomorrow night, explores the Jonestown massacre, which occurred 40 years ago this month when more than 900 members of the Rev. Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple died from drinking poison in their Guyana jungle settlement. With stunning archival footage and new interviews with survivors, former Temple members, and Jones’ own family, the documentary reveals how Jones transformed his Peoples Temple from an inclusive church in Indianapolis to a socialist commune ruled by fear and violence, and how he was able to convince people to commit the ultimate act of loyalty to him.
It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Preview Special
Lifetime, 10pm
What if Lifetime never made Christmas movies? This preview special, hosted by Melissa Joan Hart, takes viewers on a journey that explores how life would be without the holiday cheer brought by Lifetime Christmas movies. Melissa will be visited by the “hosts” of Lifetime Christmas Past, Present and Future as she previews the 14 new movies coming to Lifetime this holiday season.

Sunday, Nov. 18
Martina’s Table
Food Network, 12pm
New Series!
On top of a holiday album and tour, Martina McBride adds a cooking show where she whips up homey meals for family and friends. Makes your to-do list feel a little light, huh?
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series: Ford EcoBoost 400
NBC, 3pm Live
The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season comes down to the Ford EcoBoost 400 finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The highest-placing finisher among the Championship 4 finalists in today’s race wins the season championship.
Rebel Without a Crew
El Rey Network, 7pm
New Series!
In 1993, El Rey Network creator Robert Rodriguez’s first feature-length film — the award-winning El Mariachi, which Rodriguez made with a budget of only $7,000 — was released to wide audiences after wowing the festival circuit earlier. Now, to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary, this 12-part unscripted series finds the director inviting five amateur filmmakers to take on the same challenge he faced with that production. Each competitor is given a $7,000 budget and then tasked with writing, shooting and editing a brand-new feature-length film.
Christmas on the Coast
UP TV, 7pm
Original Film!
Julie Ann Emery stars as hardhearted New York novelist Dru Cassadine, who is known for her holiday romance stories. After a string of flops, she’s desperate to rediscover her writing mojo and heads to her hometown on the South Carolina coast for Christmas. Burgess Jenkins and Bonnie Bedelia also star.
God Friended Me: “Matthew 621”
CBS, 8pm
In the new episode “Matthew 621,” Miles (Brandon Micheal Hall) and his friends must unravel a mystery when the God Account sends Miles the profile of a lawyer who died six months ago.
The Simpsons: “Werking Mom”
FOX, 8pm
Guest Star Alert!
RuPaul Charles sashays onto the primetime series as a guest voice when Marge wants a job and stumbles into a career as a plastic food storage container-selling drag queen. 
Christmas in Evergreen: Letters to Santa
Hallmark Channel, 8pm
Original Film!
In the follow-up to last year’s Christmas in Evergreen, Jill Wagner stars as Lisa Palmer, whose holiday trip home to Evergreen finds her shepherding an effort to save the town’s beloved general store and fulfilling the wishes of a forgotten letter to Santa. Ashley Williams, Holly Robinson Peete, Barbara Niven and Mark Deklin also star.
Enemies: The President, Justice & the FBI
Showtime, 8pm
New Miniseries!
This four-part documentary series from Oscar- and Emmy-winning director Alex Gibney provides an in-depth look into the long history of conflict between American presidents and the FBI. From Nixon and Hoover to Trump and Comey, each battle illuminates a different facet of our democracy and the rule of law. The series features interviews with current and former officials and journalists, along with rare archival footage juxtaposed with short, stylized reconstructed scenes that place viewers in the room during momentous historical events.
America in Color
Smithsonian Channel, 8pm
Season Premiere!
See moments that defined the 20th century for the first time in color as Season 2 of this series dives even deeper into historical archives, private collections and home movies.
Outlander: “The False Bride”
Starz, 8pm
Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) search for a place to call home with young Ian (John Bell) and John Quincy Myers (Kyle Rees), a local mountain man. Meanwhile, in the 20th century, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger’s (Richard Rankin) romance heats up and then fizzles during a road trip that winds up highlighting their differences.
Bob’s Burgers: “I Bob Your Pardon”
FOX, 8:30pm
Pass the cranberry sauce! The animated comedy’s annual Thanksgiving episode is a search-and-rescue mission when the Belchers aim to save a turkey from becoming somebody’s main course.
The Clinton Affair
A&E, 9pm
New Miniseries!
Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the impeachment proceedings of former President Bill Clinton, this six-hour, three-night documentary event examines that political scandal and its lasting reverberations on our country. Weaving together never-before-seen archival footage with exclusive new interviews from those closest to the events — including Monica Lewinsky, Ken Starr and James Carville — Blair Foster’s documentary explores broader topics stemming from the scandal, including media, feminism, politics and power.
Shark Tank
ABC, 9pm
In celebration of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (which is tomorrow), the series recognizes a first with women outnumbering men on the Shark panel. Sara Blakely, the self-made billionaire and creator of Spanx, joins Barbara Corcoran and Lori Greiner for a special episode.
The Walking Dead
AMC, 9pm
Michael Cudlitz (Abraham!) returns to the set of The Walking Dead to direct for the first time. “It was definitely one of the largest shows to shoot, so far, as in the elements that it required — the walkers and the action element and the huge cast and the conditions in Atlanta,” Cudlitz tells us. “It was a big deal, and especially to be doing it on your first outing.”
NCIS: Los Angeles: “The Patton Project”
CBS, 9pm
Esai Morales guest-stars in the new episode “The Patton Project,” in which NCIS Deputy Director Ochoa (Morales) volunteers the NCIS team to assist with a covert operation tied to a terrorist group advocating for extreme military force.
Charmed: “Kappa Spirit”
The CW, 9pm
Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) realizes that there is a new Kappa member she isn’t familiar with and enlists Mel’s (Melonie Diaz) help to find out what is going on. Macy (Madeleine Mantock) is told a cryptic message about her past that she decides to share with her sisters, but her sisters have a secret from her.
Family Guy: “The Griffin Winter Games”
FOX, 9pm
Guest Star Alert!
Olympians Jonny Weir and Tara Lipinski voice themselves when Meg makes the U.S. Olympic team as a biathlete and competes in the Winter Olympics.
A Godwink Christmas
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9pm
Original Film!
A woman (Kimberly Sustad) — torn between the love of two men (Giles Panton and Paul Campbell) — discovers that an unexpected happenstance is God’s way of “winking” and showing her which path to take. Kathie Lee Gifford also stars in this tale inspired by Squire Rushnell’s God Winks books.
My Brilliant Friend
HBO, 9pm
New Series!
The first book in Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novels comes to the screen in HBO’s first foray into foreign-language programming. The sweeping saga follows two best friends over 60 years, with Season 1 encompassing their lives from childhood through their teenage years in a run-down neighborhood of postwar Naples. Executive producer Jennifer Schuur says that fans of the books will find their favorite moments beautifully translated from Ferrante’s sumptuous prose by director Saverio Costanzo, and viewers new to the series will be swept up by the universal theme of friendship. “They’ll find really rich, complex, soulful characters that are dealing with issues that we can all relate to.”
PBS, 9pm
Season Finale!
You must have noticed: Poldark’s fourth and penultimate season featured more major deaths than peeks at star Aidan Turner’s pecs. The tragedy only multiplies in tonight’s finale, when one person’s rash choice causes his or her demise.
Madam Secretary: “Baby Steps”
CBS, 10pm
In the new episode “Baby Steps,” Vice President Teresa Hurst (recurring guest star Jayne Atkinson) asks Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) for help when a surrogate carrying her future grandchild is arrested in Laos for human trafficking.
Escape at Dannemora
Showtime, 10pm
New Series!
In June 2015, two convicted murderers escaped from an upstate New York prison and set off a three-week statewide manhunt. Helping them break out was a married female prison employee who had carried on months-long affairs with both men. This eight-hour series, based on the true story, stars Benicio Del Toro, Paul Dano and Patricia Arquette, and is directed by Ben Stiller.
Monday, Nov. 19
Friends: “The One With Joey’s Porsche”
TBS, 11am
This is the episode where Joey (Matt LeBlanc) finds the keys to a Porsche and, when no owner can be found, claims the car as his own to attract the ladies.
“Gilmore Girls” Marathon
UP TV, beginning at 3pm
It’s Gilmore the merrier as you feast on all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls in this continuous, 153-hour marathon. Scott Patterson hosts the event as his character Luke Danes, who famously wears a backward baseball cap and flannel shirt. The event runs through Sunday, Nov. 25, and also features a watch-and-win sweepstakes.
Dancing With the Stars
ABC, 8pm Live
Season Finale!
Tonight, we’ll find out the winner of the 27th season.
The Neighborhood: “Welcome to Thanksgiving”
CBS, 8pm
Guest Star Alert!
Marilu Henner guest-stars in the new episode “Welcome to Thanksgiving,” in which Dave’s (Max Greenfield) politically incorrect mother (Henner) visits from out of town and stirs things up at Thanksgiving dinner.
Arrow: “Due Process”
The CW, 8pm
Slabside becomes even more dangerous after a guard is murdered, and everyone is a suspect. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) enlists help from a surprising source in her pursuit of Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) flexes her muscles as the District Attorney.
The Voice: “Live Top 13 Performances”
NBC, 8pm Live
The top 13 artists perform in front of the coaches — and America — as the season begins drawing to a close.
NFL Football: Kansas City vs. Los Angeles Rams
ESPN, 8:15pm
Monday Night Football has one heck of an exciting match tonight with high-scoring Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes facing the Rams’ tough defensive tackle Aaron Donald. The Rams have plenty of offensive firepower of their own — namely, impressive 24-year-old quarterback Jared Goff, as well as running back Todd Gurley II.
The Little Drummer Girl
AMC, 9pm
New Miniseries!
John le Carré’s 1983 spy novel The Little Drummer Girl explodes onto AMC in a thrilling, three-night event. The miniseries is set in the 1970s and follows Charlie (Florence Pugh), a radical British actress who, while vacationing in Greece, meets a mysterious stranger (Alexander Skarsgård) who recruits her to act as bait to help stop a global terror plot. Simon Cornwell, one of le Carré’s sons and also one of the producers of the project, reveals, “I think it’s one of le Carré’s great books. And it’s also the only one of his books that has a very powerful, very proactive female protagonist.”
Magnum P.I.: “The Ties That Bind”
CBS, 9pm
Magnum (Jay Hernandez) takes on a kidnapping case in the new episode “The Ties That Bind,” and he’s reminded of how he survived his torturous years as prisoner of war.
Last Vermont Christmas
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9pm
Original Film!
The Marvin sisters gather for what may be their last Christmas at their childhood home. As they say goodbye to the traditions that have shaped them, they consider adding a few new ones. Erin Cahill, Rachel Rhodes-Devey and Justin Bruening star.
My Brilliant Friend
HBO, 9pm
Episode 2 of the HBO series, filmed in Italy’s Neapolitan dialect, continues tonight. The first season of the series, directed by Saverio Costanzo, stars a quartet of unknown actresses in two lead roles: Elisa del Genio and Ludovica Nasti play series heroines Elena and Lila as children, while Margherita Mazzucco and Gaia Girace portray them as teenagers.
MARS: “Worlds Apart”
National Geographic, 9pm
IMSF scientists and Lukrum miners now share a common water and power source and have established a tenuous coexistence that threatens to dissolve when Kurt (Jeff Hephner) and his crew make unexpected headway in their mission to mine the planet — and tragedy strikes. “A lot of great drama comes from when two different ideologies are put into this very confined space,” says Hephner. And in the real world and present day, Greenpeace activists take to the seas to protest Arctic oil drilling in the Barents Sea.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus: The Mark Twain Prize
PBS, 9pm
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts presents the 21st annual Mark Twain Prize for American Humor to 11-time Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who has starred in the acclaimed comedies Seinfeld and Veep.
The Good Doctor: “Stories”
ABC, 10pm
Dr. Murphy (Freddie Highmore), Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) and Dr. Browne’s (Antonia Thomas) E.R. patient is forced to reveal a secret to her husband after their treatment caused a complication. Meanwhile, Dr. Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), Dr. Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann) and Dr. Park (Will Yun Lee) struggle with a patient whose parents don’t believe in vaccinations.
Manifest: “Point of No Return”
NBC, 10pm
The secret’s out! Siblings Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben (Josh Dallas) have finally confided in those closest to them about the troubling supernatural events they’ve experienced ever since their Montego Air Flight 828 returned five and a half years after takeoff. Michaela told ex Jared (J.R. Ramirez), and Ben shared with his wife, Grace (Athena Karkanis). When fellow passenger Harvey (Richard Topol) threatens to take his own life, Michaela goes to reason with him. The encounter shakes Michaela, and she panics and decides to remove Jared from harm by forcing him out of her life.
Independent Lens: “The Judge”
PBS, 10:30pm
Meet Kholoud Al-Faqih, the first woman judge to be appointed to the Middle East’s Sharia (Islamic law) courts.
Tuesday, Nov. 20
Pete the Cat: A Very Groovy Christmas
This Christmas episode of the hit series Pete the Cat features all-new Christmas music from singers Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz, and features the voices of Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Jessica Biel, and Jacob Tremblay. After performing a play about the Legend of the Christmas Cat, Pete and the gang try to find the real Christmas Cat so that they can get some cool gifts.
The Final Table
New Series!
This global culinary competition features the world’s most talented chefs fighting for a spot at the elite Final Table, made up of the greatest chefs from around the globe. Twelve international teams of two chefs will cook the national dishes of Mexico, Spain, England, Brazil, France, Japan, the United States, India and Italy. Each episode focuses on a different country and its cuisine, with celebrity ambassadors, food critics and the country’s greatest chef eliminating teams until the finale.
Friends: “The One With the Unagi”
TBS, 1:30pm
Ranked as a favorite episode, this one was when we were introduced to the word “unagi” — which for Ross (David Schwimmer) was a state of total awareness. But the hilarity on this episode is really when Chandler (Matthew Perry) gives Monica (Courteney Cox) a mixtape he found in his closet for Valentine’s Day, and a very annoying and familiar voice turns up on it.
NCIS: “Friendly Fire”
CBS, 8pm
A murder case is linked to a string of soldiers killed by friendly fire overseas, sending McGee (Sean Murray) and Bishop (Emily Wickersham) to Afghanistan to investigate in the new episode “Friendly Fire.”
The Flash: “The Icicle Cometh”
The CW, 8pm
Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker), Barry (Grant Gustin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) learn something new about Caitlin’s father (guest star Kyle Secor). Iris (Candice Patton) and Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) follow a clue about Cicada (Chris Klein).
The Voice: “Live Top 13 Eliminations”
NBC, 8pm Live
Ten of the artists who performed last night will be revealed as safe by America’s votes. The bottom three artists will then compete for the Instant Save, and two will be eliminated. 
The Kids Are Alright: “Boxing”
ABC, 8:30pm
Frank (Sawyer Barth) announces that he has decided to compete in the church boxing tournament, making it obvious that he’s playing for Mike’s (Michael Cudlitz) affections. When Frank can’t cut it, Timmy (Jack Gore) steps in and takes up boxing in order to bond with his dad and get his approval. Ultimately, he has to choose between his dad’s dreams for him and his own dreams of showbiz glory.
black-ish: “Good Grief”
ABC, 9pm
Bow’s (Tracee Ellis Ross) mom, Alicia (guest star Anna Deavere Smith), visits the family for the first time since the loss of Bow’s dad, and she is still heavily grieving. Bow decides to throw a big luau-themed party for what would have been her dad’s next birthday.
The Little Drummer Girl
AMC, 9pm
Tonight, Parts 3 and 4 of the six-part spy thriller based on the novel by John le Carré air, featuring a cameo by the author himself. Don’t miss the 87-year-old author, whose real name is David Cornwell, playing a waiter in Episode 3. The thriller stars Alexander Skarsgård, Florence Pugh and Michael Shannon.
Hope at Christmas
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9pm
Original Film!
Scottie Thompson stars as a single mother who finds herself on the nice list of the charming teacher (Ryan Paevey) who fills in for the town Santa.
This Is Us: “18,615”
NBC, 9pm
Season 1 gave us the gut-wrenching fight between Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and mom Rebecca (Mandy Moore). Season 2 saw Kevin (Justin Hartley) get arrested for drunken driving while his niece (Eris Baker) looked on. So what sob-inducing storyline will the Pearson family bring viewers this year on its Thanksgiving episode? For starters, expect flashbacks to patriarch Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and his time in Vietnam. War isn’t exactly light subject matter, so we’ll be keeping the Kleenex close.
The Rookie: “The Roundup”
ABC, 10pm
Nolan (Nathan Fillion), the rookies and their training officers get involved in a competition that pits them against each other, while Officer Lucy Chen (Melissa O’Neil) notices Officer Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) is obsessed with winning at all costs.
Flipping Out: “The Final Flip”
Bravo, 10pm
Season Finale!
Flipping out? Try falling out. Real estate mogul Jeff Lewis and his assistant Jenni Pulos-Nassos have a major rift.
NCIS: New Orleans: “Close to Home”
CBS, 10pm
In the new episode “Close to Home,” the NCIS team places Mateo Diaz (guest star Octavio Rodriguez), a high school gang member turned informant, in protective custody while they investigate the murder of his Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps instructor. 
Brothers in Arms
History, 10pm
New Series!
With many years of military and law enforcement experience between them, Rocco Vargas and Eli Cuevas now own Banditos Armory in Utah. Their goal is to take their expertise and passion and become the best one-stop shop for all things military. From fixing and testing a Cold War Russian tank to solving the mystery of an unidentified Japanese World War II contraption that Allied troops had never seen before, there’s little that the Banditos team won’t do to investigate, restore, build and test the most innovative and iconic machines in military history.
Monster Encounters: “Mauling Marsupial”
Travel Channel, 10pm
Spurred by reports that a presumed-extinct predator may still be alive, host Casey Anderson heads to Australia to investigate mysterious sightings and purported attacks by a marsupial lion. But as Anderson heads deep into the wilderness, he finds the evidence points to another possible mystery.
Real Country: “Hitting the Road”
USA Network, 10pm
Wynonna Judd makes a special guest appearance on tonight’s episode.
Wednesday, Nov. 21
Designing Women: “Their Finest Hour”
getTV, 3am
With ABC eyeing a sequel to this 1986-93 sitcom, it’s a fine time to make a very early morning appointment with the original steel magnolias of Atlanta’s Sugarbaker & Associates. (Or just DVR it if you can’t stay up that late!) This hourlong Season 4 clip show collects gems from the late, great, blistering Dixie Carter and more.
Let’s Make a Deal
CBS, 3pm
Feast your eyes on fabulous prizes — and plenty of poultry costumes, too. Wayne Brady hosts a special Thanksgiving-themed episode of the wacky game show that sees dressed-up contestants hoping to nab everything from a fryer to a trip to Belgium to $20,000. The energy here is more electric than at a 5am Black Friday doorbuster sale!
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
ABC, 8pm

Break out the ping-pong table and fix yourself some popcorn and toast, because the annual holiday special that spotlights the importance of Thanksgiving (well, and Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s shortcomings in the kitchen) returns tonight. The Peanuts gang also stars in Charles M. Schulz’s This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers, which airs immediately after.
Hollywood Game Night: “Pop Goes the Game Night”
NBC, 8pm
Season Premiere!
Adam Rodriguez (Criminal Minds), Colton Dunn (Superstore) and chef Carla Hall are a few of the stars sitting on host Jane Lynch’s couch to play “Block This Way,” “Popped Quiz” and the always intense (and hilarious) “7 Seconds of Frame.”
NBA Basketball
ESPN, beginning at 8pm
LeBron James and the L.A. Lakers take on his former Cavs teammates in Cleveland in the first game of this ESPN doubleheader. Then, Paul George and the OKC Thunder tangle with the Golden State Warriors in the Bay Area.
Nature: “Dogs in the Land of Lions”
PBS, 8pm
When lions kill her mate, a wild dog mother must raise two generations of pups all on her own. Witness her loyalty and selflessness in this intimate portrayal of motherhood that was filmed over two years.
My Christmas Inn
Lifetime, 8pm
Original Film!
Jen Taylor (Tia Mowry-Hardrict) is about to score a big promotion at the San Francisco ad agency where she works, but her life gets turned upside down when her aunt’s will bequeaths her a cozy inn in Alaska. When she goes to inspect the property, she discovers that the small town is full of fun Christmas traditions, and soon, Jen starts wondering if the inn might just be the place she belongs. Rob Mayes, Jackée Harry, Tim Reid and Erin Gray also star.
“Harry Potter” Thanksgiving Marathon
Syfy, beginning at 8:30pm
Enjoy 26.5 hours of uninterrupted and extended Harry Potter movies.
The Little Drummer Girl
AMC, 9pm
Miniseries Finale!
Tonight concludes the six-part adaptation of John le Carré’s spy thriller. South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook — director of films including The Handmaiden and the Vengeance trilogy (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy and Lady Vengeance) — makes his TV directing debut as the helmer of all six episodes. Producer Stephen Cornwell (who is also one of le Carré’s sons) explains why Park is perfect for the project, saying, “When you look at his work, you can see a lot of the themes, in terms of revenge, betrayal and love, and division of identity, really kind of clearly resonated for him.”
SEAL Team: “Parallax”
CBS, 9pm
The SEALs mission in Mexico continues in the new episode “Parallax,” as Jason (David Boreanaz) and Mandy (Jessica Paré) go undercover as a couple in Mexico City to track one of Andres Doza’s (guest star Yul Vazquez) cartel members.
A “Saturday Night Live” Thanksgiving
NBC, 9pm
Enjoy a star-studded holiday collection of SNL’s most hilarious Thanksgiving-themed sketches from over the decades, including “A Thanksgiving Miracle,” “The Bird Family,” Adam Sandler’s “Thanksgiving Song” and more.
NOVA: “World’s Fastest Animal”
PBS, 9pm
The peregrine falcon is the world’s fastest animal, capable of diving at more than 200 miles per hour. Though the species nearly went extinct in the 1970s, it is now one of the most widespread predators on Earth, finding home on every continent except Antarctica. NOVA takes viewers to a nesting box high up in the skyline of urban Chicago, where three chicks have just broken out of their shells.
Stan Against Evil
IFC, 10pm
Season Finale!
Season 3 of the horror comedy concludes with two back-to-back episodes tonight.
A Happy & Friends Yule Log
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, beginning at 11pm
This visual wallpaper, airing continuously until Thanksgiving afternoon, looks to be soothing: As holiday music plays, Happy the Cat and Happy the Dog cozy up to a fireplace, with visits from ducks, chicks, bunnies and Pip Squeak the pig. Ahhh. But don’t blame us if you and your family end up arguing over why the dog and the cat are both named Happy. And then why isn’t the pig named Happy, too?
Thursday, Nov. 22
The Christmas Chronicles
Original Film!
Kurt Russell plays what is described as a “rugged, charismatic and hilarious Santa Claus” in this holiday adventure about a sister and brother whose Christmas plan to capture Jolly Old St. Nick on camera turns into an unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return
Season Premiere!
In the second season of the cult favorite’s revival (appropriately launching on Turkey Day), a new vault of terrible B-movies is waiting to be opened and riffed on by Jonah and the bots.
“Pee-wee’s Playhouse” Marathon
IFC, beginning at 6am
Enjoy a day of Pee-wee Herman’s cult-classic Saturday morning kids show from the late 1980s.
“Chrisley Knows Best” Thanksgiving Marathon
USA Network, beginning at 6am
Enjoy 14 hours of episodes from the hit reality series.
Thanksgiving With “The Godfather”
AMC, beginning at 9am
Leave the gun, take the cannoli and enjoy this Turkey Day feast of The Godfather Parts I-III.
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
NBC, 9am Live
While the turkey’s roasting, get your float on with coverage of the 92nd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
The National Dog Show Presented by Purina
NBC, 12pm
It’s a parade of pooches! Seinfeld’s John O’Hurley hosts the annual purebred canine competition, while Olympic skaters Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir go backstage to ooh and ahh over the adorable dogs. 
NFL Football
CBS, FOX & NBC, beginning at 12:30pm Live
Give thanks for the bountiful gift of football with the Chicago Bears at the Detroit Lions on CBS, followed by the Washington Redskins at the Dallas Cowboys on FOX and, in primetime, the Atlanta Falcons at the New Orleans Saints on NBC.
20/20: “Mary Poppins Returns: Behind the Magic”
ABC, 8pm
This special edition of 20/20 takes viewers behind the scenes of Mary Poppins Returns as the iconic character returns to the big screen. The special features exclusive interviews with cast and crew.
MasterChef Junior: Celebrity Showdown
FOX, 8pm
In this charity cookoff, Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and Empire’s Terrence Howard pair with past Junior foodies for a mystery challenge, while How I Met Your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan and Rel’s Lil Rel Howery put their own kids to work in the kitchen. So … just like your house!
Christmas at the Palace
Hallmark Channel, 8pm
Original Film!
Merritt Patterson stars as a former professional ice skater who travels to a foreign kingdom to help a princess prepare for a skating performance and falls into a forbidden romance with the handsome king.
The Christmas Contract
Lifetime, 8pm
Original Film!
It’s a mini One Tree Hill reunion featuring Hilarie Burton, Robert Buckley, Danneel Ackles and Antwon Tanner! When Jolie (Burton) learns that her hometown flame (Hunter Burke) is bringing his new girlfriend to the town’s holiday festivities, her best friend Naomi (Ackles) recruits her flaky brother, Jack (Buckley), to make Jolie’s trip home less painful. Jolie and Jack sign a Christmas contract: He will join her on the trip, and in return, she will help him with his new website. Jordan Ladd, Cheryl Ladd, Bruce Boxleitner, Jason London, Teri Wyble and Ritchie Montgomery also star, with a special musical appearance by Tyler Hilton.
Meghan’s New Life: The Real Princess Diaries
ABC, 9pm
Take a look at Meghan Markle’s royal beginnings as the Duchess of Sussex, including how she is adjusting to her new life, new role and new family, in this ABC News special.
Murphy Brown: “Thanksgiving and Taking”
CBS, 9:30pm
Murphy’s (Candice Bergen) reluctant Thanksgiving dinner guests all brace for the worst in the new episode “Thanksgiving and Taking.”
’Tis the Season: A “One Tree Hill” Cast Reunion
Lifetime, 10pm
The Tree Hill Ravens are back together to celebrate the Christmas season on Lifetime! In this one-hour reunion, Hilarie Burton, Tyler Hilton, Danneel Ackles, Antwon Tanner and Stephen Colletti reunite for a special evening that includes visits from a few surprise guests.
Friday, Nov. 23
The Romanoffs: “The One That Holds Everything”
Season Finale!
Matthew Weiner’s 8-part anthology draws to a close tonight. In a story that circles the globe, a man tries to escape a family curse.
College Football
FOX, FS1, CBS & ESPN, beginning at 12pm Live
A full Friday of college football features Nebraska at Iowa (FOX), Texas at Kansas (FS1), Arkansas at Missouri (CBS), Oregon at Oregon State (FS1), Oklahoma at West Virginia (ESPN) and Washington at Washington State (FOX).
NHL Hockey: N.Y Rangers at Philadelphia
NBC, 1pm Live
The NHL’s annual Thanksgiving Showdown Black Friday matchup has the Philadelphia Flyers and N.Y. Rangers duking it out at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.
Frosty the Snowman
CBS, 8pm
The classic animated musical special, narrated by Jimmy Durante, returns. Jackie Vernon provides the voice of the “jolly, happy soul” whose old silk hat full of magic brings him to life. The special is followed by the 1992 sequel, Frosty Returns.
Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe
Hallmark Channel, 8pm
Original Film!
The path to success for Darcy (Lacey Chabert) intersects with her old hometown rival (Brendan Penny) when they are forced to plan a charity event together. Based on the book of the same title by Melissa de la Cruz.
Poinsettias for Christmas
Lifetime, 8pm
Original Film!
Days before their town’s annual holiday parade where tens of thousands of poinsettia plants will be the star attraction, Ellie (Bethany Joy Lenz) gets a worried call from her father (John Schneider), the owner of the local poinsettia farm. The plants haven’t turned red, so Ellie enlists the help of a cute, local botanist (Marcus Rosner) to uncover a solution.
Great Performances: “Harold Prince: The Director’s Life”
PBS, 9pm
Celebrate the extraordinary career of producer and director Harold Prince, winner of a record 21 Tony Awards. His six decades in the theater form a bridge from the golden age of Broadway’s mid-century to the contemporary theater of today.
Z Nation: “Heartland”
Syfy, 9pm
The group arrives in the farming outpost that produces flour for bizkits and finds it overrun by zombies.
Every Other Holiday
Lifetime, 10pm
Original Film!
Recently separated parents Tracie (Schuyler Fisk) and Rick (David Clayton Rogers) alternate celebrating holidays with their young daughters. But this Christmas, the girls have only one thing on their wish lists — to spend Christmas with both Mom and Dad at Tracie’s family farmhouse. The temporary reunion will be no easy feat, but a spark of their lost romance could help their daughters’ greatest wish come true.
Van Helsing: “Crooked Steps”
Syfy, 10pm
On a distant island, Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) battle the Third Elder, which leads Vanessa to make a choice about her path forward — one that Scarlett does not agree with.
Saturday, Nov. 24
“NCIS” Season 15 Marathon
USA Network, beginning at 11am
Binge-watch nine hours of the long-running drama, one of the top shows on television.
All in the Family Movie Marathon
Syfy, beginning at 3pm
No, it’s not a marathon of the classic sitcom. This themed programming event allows you to take a break from your own family on Thanksgiving weekend to spend time with favorite movie families in films like The Addams Family and the Syfy premiere of Marvel’s Ant-Man. The marathon kicks off with a showing of The Incredible Hulk in the late Stan Lee’s memory. Films air tonight, then pick up again beginning Sunday afternoon.
“The Walking Dead” Midseason Finale Marathon
AMC, beginning at 6:45pm
Before The Walking Dead’s midseason finale, catch up on all of the episodes from Season 8 and the first half of Season 9 when they air back-to-back.
Robbie the Reindeer
CBS, 8pm
CBS airs two Robbie the Reindeer animated holiday specials tonight, beginning with “Hooves of Fire,” in which Robbie (voice of Ben Stiller) competes against Blitzen (voice of Hugh Grant) in the Reindeer Races for a position on Santa’s sleigh team. Then in “Legend of the Lost Tribe,” Robbie must stop Blitzen from creating a Reindeer World theme park.
Christmas Everlasting
Hallmark Channel, 8pm
Original Film!
Tatyana Ali stars in this Hallmark Hall of Fame movie as successful New York attorney Lucy Toomey. When she learns that her older sister with special needs has unexpectedly passed away, Lucy returns to Wisconsin to grieve and settle her sister’s affairs, and discovers an unusual stipulation in her sister’s will. Dondre Whitfield, Patti LaBelle and Dennis Haysbert also star.
Every Day Is Christmas
Lifetime, 8pm
Original Film!
Toni Braxton stars in this tale inspired by Dickens’ A Christmas Carol as Alexis, a workaholic money manager who bids a shrewd “humbug” to affairs of the heart. But when Alexis’ past, present and future collide, forcing her to risk her heart, she comes to embrace the spirit of Christmas. Gloria Reuben, Towanda Braxton and Michael Jai White also star.
A Christmas Story
TNT, 8pm
It’s never too early for this 1983 holiday classic starring Melinda Dillon, Peter Billingsley and Darren McGavin.
The Story of Santa Claus
CBS, 9pm
This animated musical holiday special features the voices of Ed Asner, Betty White and Tim Curry, and revolves around a gentle toymaker whose only wish is to deliver a toy to every child on Christmas.
Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, 9pm
Sifting through her late mother’s belongings sends Emma (Alicia Witt) on a moving journey. Costars Colin Ferguson.
Christmas Harmony
Lifetime, 10pm
Original Film!
Soft-spoken Harmony (Kelley Jakle) is used to living in the shadow of her pop star boyfriend, but when he breaks up with her right before the holiday season, she returns to her hometown to discover the music that her big-city life has been missing. Also stars Chandra Wilson, Adam Mayfield and Sally Struthers.

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