The Provisional Government of Santa Teresa (PGOST), the group seeking to incorporate the City of Santa Teresa, is trying to encourage a large turnout of residents in the affected area to attend Tuesday's Donna Ana County Commissioners meeting in Las Cruces.

The group has printed fliers to urge residents to attend the meeting at the County Government Building at 845 N, Motel Blvd. in Las Cruces. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

The group petitioned the county to incorporate last month with 961 signatures. Only 200 signatures were required to have the County Clerk send it on to the Commissioners.

The group began its efforts to incorporate late last year after some Sunland Park officials seemed interested in annexing the area in and around the Santa Teresa County Club.

Some residents there had considered asking Sunland Park to annex them in an effort to repair roads, regain street lights and make other infrastructure improvements. The Country Club roads, privately owned by the owners of the Country Club, had not had repairs made for some time.

But other residents soon stated their fears about being taken over by Sunland Park, which has a recent history of corruption and financial woes. Sunland Park was, for a while last year, taken over by the state due to financial difficulties. And the city's reputation for not repairing damaged city streets is evident on many of the streets just off of the state-maintained McNutt Road.

The road for PGOST to succeed in its goal to become a separate city is still rocky and difficult. The County will need to send the incorporation request to the state if the County agrees that PGOST can sustain operations.  The state would then let  residents vote ton incorporation. Sunland Park can also object to the request to incorporate. 

If allowed to incorporate, Santa Teresa would need to show it can operate and function with a city clerk's office and a police force (of at least one person), elect a mayor and council, and at least supply minimal city services and that it has or can generate the funds to do so.