The website of the Provisional Government of Santa Teresa
announced that incorporation papers for the city have been
filed at the Dona Ana Courthouse. The site is located

Incorporation papers to create the City of Santa Teresa were filed Tuesday morning at the Dona Anna County Clerk's Office in Las Cruces, according to a tweet and website announcement by the Provisional Government of Santa Teresa.

The group is seeking to incorporate an area around the Santa Teresa Country Club and along McNutt Road and to the industrial park area near the border with Mexico.

The group began this effort in response to possible annexation of the area by the City of Sunland Park and while residents of the country club area were seeking solutions to help repair roads and other issues in that area.

The tweet and website did not mention how many signatures were on the petition to incorporate, but two weeks ago while the group was seeking signatures at the Santa Teresa Contract Postal Station, they said they had more than 800 signatures and that only 200 were required to file in the area with about 2,000 registered voters. 

There is still a long road ahead for the group to complete incorporation as a city, including approval from the County and the State and a local election. The group has said it hopes to establish the city sometime next year if all goes well. Sunland Park can object to the attempt to the seeking of city status for Santa Teresa as well. Sunland Park could also seek to to annex the area itself.
Kraig Carpenter of the group seeking to start the new city wrote in a release Friday, "With a total population of 4,678, a median household income of $53,963, a housing inventory of approximately 1,728 housing units with a median home value of $216,571, an established school system, an existing utility infrastructure, a substantial commercial/industrial base, and an exceptionally bright future, the residents of Santa Teresa -- and other area stake holders -- are ready to take the net step in their journey together: incorporate!

"As the result of an unfunded grass-roots effort, 961 people—about half of the registered voters in Santa Teresa—have signed a petition to incorporate their community as a separate and distinct municipality."