Last summer Tyson Foods announced it would close three plants nationally. including the one known as the Santa Teresa Plant located on McNutt Road in Sunland Park, NM.

Workers were to be offered opportunities to relocate with Tyson, but a corporate spokesperson says only one of the 200 workers at the Santa Teresa has so far accepted a transfer.
Earlier this week it was noticeable that the parking lot at the plant was nearly empty. Tyson's name has been removed from the signage at the entrance to the plant. And recently large trucks have been seen leaving the plant, seemingly removing equipment. 

"Our plant closed, as scheduled, on January 31," explained corporate spokesperson Dan Fogleman from Tyson headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas. "We are in the process of putting the building on the market."

Fogleman explained that the company held two job fairs for workers, one internal and with Workforce Development. 

"Because we don't have any other company facilities in the region, only one worker has elected to relocate and stay with us, although there are still a few others considering their options in that regard," Fogleman wrote.

Last month Tyson shut down its Buffalo, NY plant and was reportedly seeking to sell that plant for for than $4.5 million.

Empty Parking lot at Tyson Prepared Foods Inc. and the Tyson name/logo removed from signage at the Santa
Teresa plant on McNutt Road in Sunland Park.