The Provisional Government of Santa Teresa (PGOST) announced in a press release that it received notice that the Third Judicial District Court Judge Mary Rosner has ruled in its favor in a case involving Dona Ana County in PGOST's attempt to incorporate. The text of the release appears here: "Press Release:

"Early Friday, May 26th, 2016 PGOST President Dr. Mary Gonzalez received notice that the State of New Mexico, 3rd Judicial District Court, Judge Mary Rosner had ruled in favor of Dr. Mary Gonzalez as President of PGOST in the case concerning Dona Ana County (DAC) vs PGOST.

"The case argued the interpretation of NM Statute 3-2-3 in the process for residents proposing incorporation of Santa Teresa into a new municipality.

"In short, Santa Teresa residents, the Petitioners for Incorporation, do not have to be “annexed before they can be incorporated.”

"Note: a group of residents can incorporate within the 5 miles of an existing municipality under our circumstances; which is, where typical “city services” electricity, sewer, water, trash collection, fire services, security, etc. are already provided by outside government agencies or private companies; thus an existing municipality offers nothing to the residents of a territory to be incorporated. That is great news!

"If you remember, we PGOST, had petitioned DAC for incorporation; but DAC Commissioners agreed with Sunland Park and misunderstood the statute to read that "we had to first ask Sunland Park and then be annexed into Sunland Park before we could be incorporated.”

"Of course, it ’s rediculous, because under NM Statute there is no “un” or "deannexation;” but its what DAC Commissioners and the city of Sunland Park argued.

"What now?

"We proceed with the process to incorporation.

"Keep in mind, DAC could file a lawsuit (appeal) with the NM Appellate Court against Santa Teresa Community residents.

"The Provisional Government of Santa Teresa (PGOST)"