The Post Office has spoken. Many who thought they were in Santa Teresa were told they now live in Sunland Park, New Mexico and have to tell that to the world.

Until this week, the Post Office in Sunland Park allowed residents in Edgemont, The Grove  and some other subdivisions to use either Sunland Park or Santa Teresa in their home mailing addresses.

Even though they have different zip codes, the Sunland Park Post Office handles delivery to the cluster boxes in those subdivisions and mail addressed to heir home addresses in either Sunland Park or Santa Teresa would be delivered by the same carrier.

But now the Post Office says those people have to use Sunland Park and its zip code in their home addresses and sometime soon (within the next year) mail addressed to their addresses in Santa Teresa may not be delivered. A posting in the Santa Teresa Contract Postal Station says the date is February 2016.

Supposedly a letter from the Sunland Park postmaster was to have gone out to those using Santa Teresa addresses.

So now there is no doubt where those people live -- SUNLAND PARK as declared by a federal government corporation, the U.S. Postal Service.