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Mayor's Sunland Park Ethics Committee Holds First Meeting

Posted by David Reed on Friday, March 18, 2016, In : Sunland Park 
Sunland Park mayor Javier Perea has appointed a citizens' committee to propose a code of ethics for the city.

The group held its organizational meeting Thursday (March 17) at city hall.

The group is charged with developing an ethics standard for elected city officials and employees and will eventually present to the council a proposal for a local ethics ordinance and standards. To do so, they will study model ethics policies and existing ethics standards in other cities, both in and out of New ...
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State of Sunland Park Is Good and Improving, Mayor Perea Says In Speech

Posted by David Reed on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, In : Sunland Park 
The City of Sunland Park is in a good state and is continuing to improve Mayor Javier Perea stated in his State of the City speech Tuesday afternoon at the council chambers.

Perea, who is also running for for the office in the March 1 city election, says the stigma of days gone by at city hall has been recognized as much improved. Sunland Park is considered one of the best fiscally run cities in New Mexico, is among the top ten safest cities in the state and has much to show in the way of impr...
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Sunland Park Mayor Perea To Give State of the City Address Tuesday

Posted by David Reed on Saturday, February 6, 2016, In : Sunland Park 
Sunland Park mayor Javier Perea will present the State of the City address Tuesday afternoon at City Hall, 1000 McNutt Road.

The meeting will begin at 3 p.m. and is open to the public,

Perea, who was appointed to the post after a series of scandals in Sunland Park resulting in the opening, is running for mayor in the March 1 city election.

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Gallagher Named Interim Sunland Park City Manager

Posted by David Reed on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, In : Sunland Park 
Bob Gallagher, former chairman of the New Mexico State University Board of Regents, been named the interim city manager for the city of Sunland Park.

After a closed session Tuesday night to discuss his appointment, Mayor Javier Perea cast the tie-breaking vote to offer the position to Gallagher who has not indicated that he is interested in the position on a permanent basis.

Councilors Giove, Avila, de los Santos voted in favor of the hire while councilors Santos, Carrillo, Jayme voted not to...
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